At Strum Sing Smile Ukulele Lessons a variety of learning options is offered. No contracts are required. Private lessons, partner lessons, family lessons and group lessons are available and flexible schedules can be arranged. While on-site lesson instruction is ideal, virtual instruction is available. Individuals typically choose the length of their instruction time and the frequency of their lessons.

Learning objectives every student include the following:

1. Ukulele instruction should always be fun!

2. An individualized learning plan for each returning student will be created, paying special attention to his or her unique learning style.

3. Each student is expected to set personal goals.

4. Each student will be aware of their own learning style and self-advocate during their lessons.


Private rates begin at $15.00 per 30 minutes

Partner lessons are $40.00 per 45 minutes

Children (2)- $20.00 per 30 minutes

Family rates are negotiable

Note: Ukulele rentals are included free with in-house lessons.